Don’t sweat the small stuff. Celebrate it!

I have been known to, from time to time, totally suck when it comes to ‘building’ things (and by building I mean ripping something out of a cardboard box and attaching random pieces of pressed board together with an L key and some screws). I would flip frantically through the pages, and pages, and pages of instruction.  Back, forth and back again. Endlessly analyzing the  drawings whilst shaking my head. I’m not trying to put together an RV for bleeps sake! It’s a flippin’ coffee table! How challenging can this be?  Final results always included sweat, frustration, wobbly things, extra bits and sometimes tears. I have managed, somehow to avoid this labouring disappointment for  a good part of four years(or so I thought).  Until yesterday.  Dun dun dun!!!   Long story short, Grandma needed a shelf built and I was volunteered.  Let me tell you something, I dug in and I ROCKED IT!!!

My success got me to thinking.  What has changed in the past four years that would contribute to my new and improved construction skills?  Hmm, oh I know!  I gave birth!  I began to ponder over all of the building Motherhood has forced upon me.  The shortlist includes a crib, stroller(s), swing, bouncy chair, excersaucer(s), bikes, scooter(s), castles, kitchens, pirate ships, tents,  kites, I could go on and on.  That is A LOT of pages (and pages) of instruction and manuals and sweat and sometimes extra bits and…smiles and laughter and joy!  Oh my!

The real secret to my assembling success…Lego.  And lots of it.  I have played with, built with, picked up and stepped on(oh the pain that one rogue brick can induce) Lego almost every day for the past 2 years.  I have successfully navigated and built my way through hundreds and hundreds of pages of brick construction.  You want me to build you a puny shelf?  I got this.  You can’t scare me.

I am a Lego Mom!  There is no shame in my game.

Because let’s face it, we need to celebrate the small victories.