Golden Lasso of truth

With Mother’s Day being just around the corner it’s had me thinking about what it means to be a mom. Most days are a whirlwind!  Who has time to think?  And I only have one child!  But there are moments when I feel good.  A second or two where I can feel great, super even.

I was lucky enough to see The Avengers with Jess last week.  I am a super, Superhero geek.  Sometimes I even feel like a Superhero.  I often wonder if I’m driving the invisible jet because that could be the only reasonable explanation for why the mere mortals cannot see me on the road(I mean runway).  Moms perform Superhero deeds everyday.  We lurk in the shadows, unassuming, guarded.  Some Moms rely on masks in the hope of disguising the recognition of fear or disappointment.  I’m not going to lie, I’ve dashed around the house on a frenzied Flash- like mission once or twice. A futile attempt to ‘tidy’ before company arrives.  Desperate to save my ‘everything is perfect’ cover.  But Moms rarely receive the daily recognition they so deserve.  Finding her rewards in a simple smile, a fond memory, a good deed.

I envy Hulk’s ‘smash’ ability from time to time.  At least Bruce banner had an outlet.  I’m fiercely protective and have caught myself once or twice standing proudly, hands on hips.  A Superhero stance of sorts.

But every superhero is vulnerable and challenged by weakness at some point.  My weakness, my kryptonite? Guilt.  It makes me weak.  Guilt could paralyze me in a single bound.  A heart wrenching, bloodsucking bully.  My nemesis.  Guilt can bring me to my knees with its torturous banter.  Taunting my faith while it steals my strength .  ‘You’re not doing enough. You aren’t good enough. Didn’t cook enough.  Didn’t promote health enough. Didn’t love enough. Didn’t read enough. Didn’t strive enough.  Didn’t provide enough. Didn’t laugh enough.  Didn’t lead enough. Enough? Enough?


Alas, I am brought back down to earth. Get real! I am not a Superhero.  I don’t have super powers.  Heck I don’t even feel super very often. But superpowers and fancy capes do not a hero make.  Bravery and heroism blossom from the will within the heart.  The brave soul thrives every time you choose to try your best.  Heroism gains power with every step that is planted in love and it grows ever more powerful in faith.

So I suppose that in many ways motherhood does come with great power, super power even. Our powers can have huge impact.  Just like Uncle Ben tells Peter Parker (Spiderman), ‘With great power, comes great responsibility’.  There will be struggles and wounds and upsets.  But there will also be joy and growth and miraculous feats.  I am a Mom. I have much to learn, but I have much to teach.  And when guilt creeps in I will tie that golden Lasso of truth around my heart and hold on for dear life.  For love shall prevail.