Turn the other cheek

I am learning everyday. The phrase ‘Turn the other cheek’ used to confuse me. But I am beginning to wrap my heart around it. I am coming to terms with the idea that not everyone has the same ideals, the same faith, the same moral code. I will be attacked from time to time. I am a recovering people pleaser. If someone says something against me, in the past, I would fight to make it right. But what exactly had I been fighting for? The fear of rejection? The stain on a reputation? The acceptance of someone who can’t accept?  My foundation is cemented in my faith.  Deciding to turn the other cheek strongly reminds me that we are all on our own path.  I refuse to throw stones on someone else’s walk.  I will plant some seed, and walk the path that I have chosen.  I pray everyday that it is the path that Christ leads me through.  I want my eyes and ears and heart to be open.  I want to share my journey with loving hearts who also wander.  One of the most difficult lessons of life for me has been that you cannot walk down another’s path.  I have found myself desperately planting seed, tilling soil, and cutting vines to help the sun shine upon another’s walk.  I surrender that to God now. Often times faith means closing your eyes and opening your heart.  My hand will still reach out to others who also feel that they are lost in hope that they will find some comfort and peace.  I wish that I could hold the hand of my enemy as I turn the other cheek.  My God wants me that way.  There is an enormous wealth of peace in such a simple offering.  In the past I considered my inability to deal with confrontation as a sign of weakness.  I despised my shaking voice while under attack.  But I do have a voice.  It is led by my heart which beats to the rhythm of MY path.  My heart aches, but it still beats.  I will turn the other cheek.  That is where my sun is.